About Me


I am most comfortable in the role of student and teacher, sharing with others what I find most meaningful on my life-journey. I hold an M.Phil in Ancient Studies and a B.Com in Economics and Private Law. I am currently studying aspects of contemporary spirituality and transpersonal psychology through the Alef Trust in London.


Conscious Aging.

I am a conscious aging facilitator, registered with IONS.


Renaissance Magazine

I started, owned and ran Renaissance, a holistic lifestyle magazine, for more than ten years. The holistic and esoteric has always been my passion and I love sharing what I learn with others.


Celebrate Life Festival

I ran the festival for many years, helped by an amazing team of people. Together we enabled Capetonians to listen to many quality speakers.


Teaching experience

I am a fully qualified teacher having taught at both senior school and tertiary level. I also hold a Youth Leadership Certificate gained form the Portsmouth College of Further Education in 1970.



I have written educational textbooks for several of the leading publishing houses. I am passionate about the need to make quality education accessible to young people of all ages.


Conscious Aging

Cultivating wisdom, connecting with others and celebrating life. As we age we can shift our consciousness away from self-limitation and towards expansiveness, wholeness, connection and compassion. We can become comfortable with whom we are and take on the role of elder, sharing our wisdom with younger generations.