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" We cannot chose what Life throws at us but we can choose how we react to it."

We make choices in every area of our lives, in what we eat, what we wear, what we say and what we do. It is our own choice as to whether we make healthy or unhealthy choices. Our choices affect not only ourselves, but those around us, the environment and the planet.

Some choices are fairly obvious, such as not living on fast food and making sure we get enough rest and exercise. Others are not so obvious, such as how we choose to react in a relationship or to a decision in our working life, and the ramifications of these choices are often only seen some time later. We make our choices based on past experience and any information we have on hand. Many of us spend years searching, knowing we want to make changes but not knowing how.

This is where a magazine such as Healthy Choices comes into its own. By presenting us with information on healthy lifestyles, we are enabled to make informed decisions and change the way we react to life's challenges. Healthy Choices enables us to take active steps towards maintaining our own body, mind and spirit health. Recipes, advice from professionals, information on health products, ways to recycle - it is all there, easy to ready, ready and waiting to help you step into a better way of living!


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