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It is written that in the beginning was the Word, and from the power and intent of that word came the whole of creation. Words have power and coupled with intent can create.

My prayer is that peace becomes such a word.

Not a meaningless, empty word, or a platitude filled with political rhetoric, but a word filled with intent, meaning and power.

A word that, as it is breathed out, creates the reality of the idea. A quiet word of strength, that spreads itself softly across the world, as gently as the wings of the dove that is its symbol.

A word that grows as we learn to listen to each with respect and tolerance.

Before this can happen we must each turn the harsh spotlight of truth upon ourselves.

For we can use the word peace with any power or intent if in our hearts we harbour anger, hatred or resentment against another.

Peace starts with each of us. We must each become the peace we want to see and the little by little we will collectively make a change. Peace will spread by a ripple effect to our families, friends, communities, nations and beyond.

True peace cannot be gained by harsh words, force or demands. It stands with dignity in its own power, quietly asserting the rights of all humanity.

As the beautiful prayer taught by St Francis of Assisi tells us, we must sow love where there is hatred, forgiveness where there is injury and light where there is darkness. Peace can turn the world upside down.

Imagine a world where respect and tolerance thrive. Where children play alongside each other and are not taught how to hold a gun. Where no one experiences the desolation of seeing there loved ones killed in violence.

In the words of John Lennon’s song, “Lets give peace a chance”.

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