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16 Sep 2013 Comments 0

I recently read an article about self esteem which had been written by an eminent life coach. One of the points he made was that we stop ourselves moving forward in life by constantly allowing incidents from our childhood to influence and damage our self esteem.

Maybe we overheard our uncle Joey telling someone we “would never amount to much”; or our mother constantly told us that our older sister was the pretty one but we had the brains, so we stopped caring about our physical appearance.

The point is that these conversations were not meant to hurt and were often fairly innocuous but they became imprinted in our subconscious at an early age and without our knowing it, they became part of our life script. Even more to the point is that a greater part of the time, the statements we heard were not necessarily directed at us but were generalized statements that we absorbed and took upon ourselves. “There is not enough money”, “Its wrong to be ambitious” and so on. We may be mistaken about what we heard but still it forms part of the way we create our identity.

This seems like a simple but profound truth to me and if you are trying to create positive change in your life you might just want to consider that many of your reactions to life are based on mistaken ideas.

You can take this even further and think about how many of your present day reactions are based on your interpretations of situations that may be entirely untrue and mistaken. For example: did your friend really not answer your phone call because she was ignoring you or could it be that she was ill or had problems of her own. The point I am making is that we are the ones who chose how we react to life and a great deal of the time we base our reactions on mistaken assumptions and falsehoods that build up and become background voices that control us. Interesting thought is it not?

Take this one step further and you will see that whole country’s, race groups and religious groups make assumptions about others based on ideas that may be mistaken or false. Scary is it not?

Learning to become aware of thoughts that may be mistaken and gently replacing them with positive life affirming ones, is a full time job and requires much diligence but it pays dividends. Who knows where mankind might find itself when it is no longer mistaken!

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